Grant Application Process

Sioux City

The Gilchrist Foundation does not accept any unsolicited applications for funds, but makes grants to pre-selected charities which have been Invited to apply based on the perceived match of both organizations’ missions. The mission of The Gilchrist Foundation is to further the philanthropic interests of the Gilchrist family in the arts, wildlife and conservation, public broadcasting, and disaster relief. The Foundation provides incentives and funds to pre-selected non-profit organizations that further these goals, with a preference for the Sioux City area. Most grants are for a single year, but multi-year grants may be requested.

Four kinds of grant applications are available: (1) raising endowment funds; (2) contributing to capital campaigns; (3) funding special projects; and (4) micro-grants. The goal of our endowment awards is to promote viable endowments, with healthy board participation. The Gilchrist Foundation strives to be a significant contributor to the endowment, without becoming the main support of the endowment. The goal of our capital campaign awards is to make a significant contribution to worthy renovation or expansion projects that will enhance the mission of the recipient charity. Both capital campaign and endowment awards give some preference to the use of foundation funds to stimulate matching funds. The goal of our project awards is to allow recipients to buttress existing programs or to offer new programs that enhance the mission and outreach of the organization. The expectation remains that foundation support will be temporary and that the program has the potential to return to or become self-sustaining. Micro-grants provide qualifying tax-exempt organizations that promote the Arts, wildlife or conservation a one-time grant for up to $5,000. Micro-grants do not require a request for invitation and entities may apply for this grant at any time.

If your organization wishes to be considered for invitation to apply for grant, please submit the REQUEST FOR INVITATION form below. The annual grant cycle begins in April, with consideration of invitations for grant application, and ends in mid-July with the announcement of awards.

Our Four Grants


Step One:

Apply For Invite

Any entity wishing to apply for funding from the Foundation will need to first request an INVITATION to apply. Upon approval, the entity may download, complete and submit its application. Micro-grants do not require a request for invitation and entities may apply for this grant at any time.

Request for Consideration for Invitation in due by April 1, 2019.

You will find the Request for Invitation button below. Please complete and submit the document online here or print the PDF and mail to:

Security National Bank
601 Pierce St.
Sioux City, IA 51101


Step Two:

Apply for Funding

Upon approval of your request for invitation to apply for funding, you will be sent a URL link where you can download, complete, and submit your choice of a grant application for Capital Campaign, Project Grant, or Endowment.

View the forms for applications for the four categories of grants: