Capital Campaign

The goal of a capital campaign grant is to make a significant contribution to worthy renovation or expansion projects that will enhance the mission of the recipient charity. Again, some preference is given to the use of foundation funds to stimulate matching funds.

Over the years, the Gilchrist Foundation has made about 55% of its total grants to endowment and capital campaigns. The Foundation also has a pattern of awarding about 45% of its total grants to the Arts, including not only the fine arts, but also cultural and historical groups.


Any entity wishing to apply for funding from the Foundation will need to first request an INVITATION to apply. You have the opportunity to request an invitation one of two ways: request online or via mail.

Request for Consideration for Invitation in due by April 1, 2019.

SUBMIT ONLINE: Click the button below and submit the invitation request form.


SUBMIT VIA MAIL: Click the button below, print and complete the invitation request form, and mail to the following address:

Security National Bank
601 Pierce St.
Sioux City, IA 51101


STEP TWO: Apply for Funding

Upon approval of your request for invitation to apply for funding, you will be sent a URL link where you can download, complete, and submit your Capital Campaign Application. You can preview the Capital Campaign Application here.