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Our History


A Foundation of Generosity.

The Gilchrist Foundation was established by Jocelyn Gilchrist of Sioux City to honor her family. Her father, William Gilchrist, was an influential part of the livestock industry in the early and mid-1900s. The wealth accumulated throughout his life is used to support the family’s special interests, including wildlife and conservation, the Arts and public broadcasting, and disaster relief. After Jocelyn’s death, the Foundation continued in her memory and is proud to support the philanthropic interests of the Gilchrist family.


The Man Behind The Medicine.

In 1912, William F. Gilchrist helped develop a serum to combat the cholera that was crippling the United States hog industry. This led to the founding of The Sioux City Serum Company, which later became an affiliate of Allied Laboratories, Inc.  Mr. Gilchrist was named treasurer of Allied Laboratories and continued as a key asset to the livestock industry throughout the Midwest and much of the United States until his death in 1941. He and his wife Lulu were strong advocates for community service—an advocacy that continues today thanks to the Gilchrist Foundation.


Jocelyn Gilchrist Lives On.

Jocelyn, who created the Gilchrist Foundation in honor of her family, was interested in the Arts and wildlife from an early age and became a supporter of public broadcasting and disaster relief in her later years.

As a young woman, she frequented The Chicago Symphony, and the Chicago Art Institute and enjoyed the theater. She grew a deep fondness for the Arts, both live and on the radio. She also loved animals and nature, and would list visits to DeSoto Bend and family vacations to Leech Lake in Minnesota as some of her favorite memories. She grew up sharing her mother’s interest in community service and developed a soft spot for disaster relief.

She began to support those interests from the wealth accumulated by her family through the Gilchrist Foundation.  The Foundation continues that mission today in memory of Jocelyn Gilchrist and her family.



Our Purpose


Gilchrist Foundation

The mission of the Gilchrist Foundation is to carry out the philanthropy established by the Gilchrist family. The emphasis is on fostering the long-term viability of the charity and enabling special projects rather than supplying short-term operating funds.  The Foundation provides incentives and funds to pre-selected non-profit organizations, with a preference for the Sioux City area. Interests considered for funding include: Wildlife & Conservation, Arts & Public Broadcasting, and Disaster Relief.


Organizations that support wildlife habitats, humane treatment of animals, conservation efforts, dogs and birds are encouraged to apply for funding through the Gilchrist Foundation. Jocelyn Gilchrist had a special fondness for animals. She also loved fishing and visiting wildlife parks and habitats.


Orchestra music, art museums and theater were all passions of Jocelyn Gilchrist. As she grew older, she enjoyed listening to orchestra performances on local public broadcasting stations. As such, organizations related to the Arts or public broadcasting are invited to apply for funding through the Gilchrist Foundation.


Jocelyn was deeply concerned about supporting people in need and was specifically interested in disaster relief. Organizations designed to aid in disaster recovery are encouraged to apply for funding through the Gilchrist Foundation.