The Gilchrist Foundation Supports the Sioux City Mural Project


The Gilchrist Foundation is excited to help fund two downtown Sioux City murals that highlight the feel and culture of Sioux City.

Our foundation awarded Downtown Partners a $25,000 grant to commission two new murals, one at 5th and Douglas and the other on Historic Fourth Street, as part of the Sioux City Mural Project. The project promotes the arts in the city through the creation and installation of murals on building facades.

Argentinian artist, Martin Ron well-known for his three-dimensional images, painted a three-story mural on the side of the Goosmann Law Firm building at 501 Douglas Street. Ron is considered one of the top “street artists” in the world. The mural features a three-dimensional bison with two people seated on its head, plus an array of birds. It measures 1,125 square feet. The mural greets those driving into downtown Sioux City and the Historic Pearl District.

The second mural is featured on the side of M’s on Fourth, an Italian restaurant and wine shop, at 1021 Fourth Street in the heart of the Historic Fourth District. The placement is a perfect photo spot for those enjoying Sioux City's nightlife. Des Moines, Iowa-artist Jenna Brownlee painted a brightly-colored floral design that intertwines around Sioux City landmarks like the Sergeant Floyd Monument, Veterans Memorial Bridge, Grandview Park Bandshell, Chief War Eagle Monument and others. Brownlee is a senior graphic designer for the Greater Des Moines Partnership. She has recently had some of her work installed in the Des Moines International Airport.

Both murals were painted during the month of October in 2017.

Mural Photo-15.jpg