Micro-Grants Help Fund Small Projects

The Gilchrist Foundation’s capital campaigns, endowments and project grants help fund existing programs, ongoing projects, renovations and expansions that support the arts and public broadcasting, wildlife and conservation and disaster relief across Siouxland. The foundation pledges tens of thousands of dollars each year to help support these types of projects but also understands there are times when just a little help is needed. That’s where the foundation’s micro-grants come in.

In 2014, the Gilchrist Foundation began its exciting “micro-grant” grant opportunity that offers grants up to $5,000. These grants allow non-profit groups to receive funding for smaller projects on a one-time basis. As with our other grants, criteria for the award includes the opportunity to bring theater, music, art, green spaces, parks, wildlife and conservation efforts to the lives of Siouxland residents. But unlike our other applications, there’s no invitation needed to apply. Grant requests may also be submitted at any time as there are no annual deadlines. Micro-Grants will be either accepted or denied within 30 days.

In 2018, the Gilchrist Foundation awarded micro-grants to several organizations, including:

If your tax-exempt qualifying organization has a one-time project you think might fit the foundation’s requirements, go online to complete and submit the Micro-Grant Application online. The application form can also be printed and mailed to Security National Bank, 601 Pierce Street, Sioux City, IA 51101.

For more information about the Micro-Grant Project, contact Security National Bank at 712-277-6586 or wealth@snbonline.com.