The Gilchrist Foundation Supports Arts Education In Siouxland

Fall is synonymous with back to school and some of the most beloved classes involve the arts. Instilling a passion for the arts early, helps transform students into adults who love the arts and continue to support its programs throughout their lives. That’s why the Gilchrist Foundation is proud to support area schools and colleges that put a priority on art education.

Whether it is support from project grants, micro-grants or even capital campaigns, the Gilchrist Foundation has supported area arts education throughout Siouxland. Orchestra music, art museums and theater were all passions of Jocelyn Gilchrist. As she grew older, she enjoyed listening to orchestra performances on local public broadcasting stations. As such, organizations related to the arts are invited to apply for funding through the Gilchrist Foundation.

Here are just some of the learning institutions that received grants in 2017 for their arts programs.

·      Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools received a $10,000 project grant to enhance video design and production for its Fine Arts program. The grant funded four new Canon video cameras, a DSLR Canon, a lighting kit, a four-foot-wide audio booth for video narration, an interview kit with a boom mic, new tripod heads, new noise cancelling head-sets and camera cards.

·      Briar Cliff University received a $20,000 project grant to makeover its current ceramics and pottery studio at the university. With this support, Briar Cliff's art department will renovate its ceramics and pottery studio into a multi-disciplined workspace for pottery and ceramics as well as introduce metal sculpting and Raku Kiln firing.

·      Morningside College received a $33,932 project grant for upgrades to its outdoor pavilion, Klinger-Neal and The Theater Department for sound and lighting. Any student can take part in any theater production regardless of major. Recent shows performed include Grease, Godspell, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Music Man and Guys & Dolls.

·      Sioux City Public Schools Foundation received a $20,000 project grants for Hunt’s A+ Elementary all-school musical. The classroom teachers collaborated with LAMB Theatre in Sioux City to produce the spring performance. Hunt is one of five specialty elementary schools in the Sioux City Community School District. As the only A+ school (arts plus academics) in the state, Hunt officials weave arts such as dance, drama, music and visual art into the curriculum.

·      Siouxland Christian School received $50,000 for a capital campaign 1:1 challenge match for equipment and infrastructure for its fine arts programs. The programs offer students courses in painting, portfolio development, digital photography, filmmaking, graphic design and more.

·      Western Iowa Tech Community College received $74,000 to support choral and instrumental music programming. The funds will be used to purchase musical instruments, choral/vocal music performance apparel, choral furnishings, and concert literature for the college's choral/vocal and instrumental music instruction/performance programs.

·      Dordt College received a $4,500 micro grant for beginner beekeeping classes in Northwest Iowa. Dordt College, located in Sioux Center, Iowa, was awarded a micro-grant for its Beginner Beekeeping classes. The classes provided students with background information on beekeeping, the financial aspect of beekeeping and establishing a bee pasture.

The mission of The Gilchrist Foundation is to further the philanthropic interests of the Gilchrist family in the arts, wildlife and conservation, public broadcasting, and disaster relief. The Foundation provides incentives and funds to pre-selected non-profit organizations that further these goals, with a preference for the Sioux City area. The Gilchrist Foundation does not accept any unsolicited applications for funds, but makes grants to pre-selected charities which have been invited to apply based on the perceived match of both organizations’ missions.

If your organization wishes to be considered for invitation to apply for grant, please submit the REQUEST FOR INVITATION form. The annual grant cycle begins in April, with consideration of invitations for grant application, and ends in mid-July with the announcement of awards.